How do I get started?

STEP 1 – Test the water. Let’s find out exactly what you have first.

water treatment testing

The only way to really know what’s in your water is to have the water tested in a lab.

We offer comprehensive water testing services to identify any harmful contaminants present in your water, and provide a customized solution to meet your unique needs.

STEP 2 – We design and install a Water Filtration System specifically for your water quality.

Water Filtration System

Our water filtration systems remove hard minerals and impurities from your water, preventing damage to your pipes, appliances, and clothing.

If you are seeing staining around the house, its also probably stuck to you too.

Iron, Sulfur, Manganese removal – Removing all odors.

iron water stains

Does this look familiar? This is iron staining.

Take a look inside the toilet tank too. Is it black? If yes, then you may have manganese in the water.

Does the water smell like rotten eggs? We have a solutions for this too.

Acidic Water

Acidic Water

Do your copper pipes look like this?

Do you have bluish green staining in your shower or tub?

If yes, you likely have acidic water meaning the pH is too low.

This type of water can also create pin hole leaks.

Water Softeners

Water Softeners

Change your life at home.

What is hard water? Hard water is caused by too much calcium in the water. It’s called hard water because calcium is hard to get off and it sticks to everything, glass shower doors, spigots at your sink and shower, your hair, and it even binds with soap, making soap difficult to lather and make bubbles.

Imagine soft smooth skin, soft manageable hair, soft towels and sheets, spot free glasses and utensils.

All of this using only 25% of the soap and cleaning products you do now because the water is so soft you don’t need a lot of soap to get tons of bubbles and lather.

Appliances with no scale that last longer and work better. No more calcium build up on your appliances, shower fixtures, toilets or tubs.

Smooth, clean water in every pipe in your home!

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems
Our reverse osmosis systems use advanced filtration technology to remove up to 99% of impurities from your water, providing you with pure and refreshing drinking water.

UV Water Purification Systems

UV Water Purification Systems
Our UV water purification systems use ultraviolet light to eliminate bacteria and viruses that may be present in your water.

Well water is not sterile.

Our UV systems can protect you from living things present in the water.

Arsenic, Uranium, Radon, PFAS…

Arsenic, Uranium, Radon, PFAS

We also offer a wide range of solutions for contaminants like arsenic, uranium, chlorides, high TDS, radon, PFAS, and more.

Municipal Water Packages

Municipal Water Packages
If you have town water, we have several packages available for removing chlorine, calcium, hardness, and to improve the taste.

Preventative Maintenance Contract

Preventative Maintenance Contract

With a Preventative Maintenance Contract, we do it all for you!

You don’t have to touch a thing.

We bring the salt, check programming, change or clean out the injectors, run cleaners, disinfect the tanks, clean out the salt tank and so much more.

Keep your filtration running at peak performance for years to come.

We install pressure tanks and water heaters too!

We install pressure tanks and water heaters too!

When you partner with us, we take care of the water start to finish.

Wherever the water goes, the contaminants in the water attack whatever it touches.

If you have had poor water quality for awhile, it might be time to replace the pressure tank and the water heater.

Pure and Gentle Soap Program

Pure and Gentle Soap Program

Because there’s no Plan-et B.

We provide all the soap you need for a family of 4 for 5 years with every whole house filtration system!

We believe that, when it comes to what you put on your body and bring into your home, simple, all-natural ingredients are better. That’s why you won’t find anything like dyes, phosphates, petroleum chemicals, or chemical preservatives listed on our label.

Our ultra-concentrate products conserve water, are 100% biodegradable, and are made in a carbon-neutral facility.

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