Do you have water problems?

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Coastal Water Treatment offers a wide range of high quality, high efficiency, smart water purification products to ensure you have access to clean and safe water.

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Our Mission

At Coastal Water Treatment, our mission is to provide our customers with the best possible water filtration solutions.

One of our favorite phrases is “Follow the Science.”

Water treatment is all about understanding the chemistry of water and what the actual needs of the client are, according to the water test results.

Coastal Water Treatment builds YOUR system for YOUR needs based on YOUR water; we are not a one size fits all company.

That’s the number of water bottles saved from our oceans by installing well water purification systems here in Maine.

Thank you for being a part of the solution!

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We Offer Financing

You want your Home Improvement project done NOW so you can enjoy it, but you don’t have the cash on hand to pay for it all?

Ask about our payment options!

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What Our Customers Say About Our Services

“Very pleased with our new alkaline RO drinking water system and the water purification system. Laurie came out the same day I called to test my water. We absolutely love our water!

Jennifer C. – 7/13/2023


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“I highly recommend this company and their products. The team of experts, premium products, fits my budget, very professional. and responsive. Can’t ask for more!”

Caroline W. – 8/7/2023

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Laurie was amazing and we had a fantastic experience all around. Our water is a million times better. No more stains, no more smells, and our skin and hair look amazing. Super satisfied!

Finn and Sally – 8/27/2023

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Does your water smell?

Often times, well water can smell like rotten eggs. We can help you identify the source and get rid of it. We offer whole house disinfection services, plus long term solutions to make that smell go away for good!

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